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The Segway Powersports Guide to Farm Bikes

Farm bikes have been a staple on Aussie farms for generations and are one of a farmer’s most essential and indispensable pieces of equipment. But farm bikes have changed since the early days of two-stroke two-wheelers, and the modern farmer now has a range of vehicles with which to tackle the day’s tasks.

In this article, we’ll dive into the various uses of a farm bike and explore some of the options that we stock at Segway Powersports.

What is a Farm Bike?

Traditionally, a farm bike or ag bike referred to a two-wheeled motorbike that would be used for basic tasks such as mustering or checking stock. Today, however, a farm bike often takes the form of a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle (an ATV or quad bike) or a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) due to their increased size, versatility and load capacity.

What is a Farm Bike Used For?

Modern farm bikes are incredibly versatile machines that, in many cases, have replaced the trusty ute for the vast majority of tasks. Farm bikes can be used for traversing the property, feeding out, mustering and shifting animals, and carrying tools and equipment.

For instance, many of the quad bikes in our range have a payload capacity of 270kg, while our Fugleman UTVs have a payload capacity of 680kg, making them well-suited to a range of day-to-day farm tasks, allowing you to stick with one vehicle throughout the day for all your needs.

What is the Best Farm Bike For Me?

The best farm bike will depend on your budget, your needs, and the geography and terrain of your farm. Let’s look at budget first of all.

A reliable, farm-ready quad bike will cost you anywhere from $10-15k depending on its size, specs and features, and you will find this to be true across most brands. At Segway Powersports, our quad bikes start at $9,590 for the simple and dependable AT5-S Rugged, and go up to $14,990 for the long wheel base AT6-L Full Spec, with our remaining models sitting within that range.

Of course, your budget will largely be dictated by what you need your farm bike to do. If you need a bike just to get around your farm and check your animals each day, you can get away with a smaller machine and a lower budget. However, if you need a farm bike that can tow trailers, shift stock, and carry feed, tools or machinery, you will need a tough ATV or even a UTV.

Finally, your choice of farm bike will depend on the geography and terrain of your farm. If your farm features flat, open paddocks, then your choice of farm bike is wide open and will largely depend on your budget and intended use. However, if your farm features hilly, rocky terrain, it would be well worth considering a UTV like the Fugleman UT10, where the additional ground clearance and enhanced stability will take you up and down the hills safely and with ease.

What are the Main Features to Look For on a Farm Bike?

Whether you opt for an ATV or UTV, the key considerations during your search will be power, load capacity, and safety features. It is no use having an underpowered farm bike that can’t climb a hill or tow a trailer. Equally, you will be severely limited if the bike you choose can’t carry a hay bale or a tool box, so make sure that any bike you’re looking at has sufficient power and load capacity.

But it’s no good having the strongest, most powerful bike if it can’t keep you safe. With any farm bike, the risk of rollover is the greatest threat to your safety, so ensuring that your future bike meets the minimum safety standards is essential.

In Australia, that means every quad bike must come fitted with an Operator Protection Device at the point of sale, and must also meet a minimum tilt angle of 28.81°. In addition to coming with an OPD, every quad bike in the Segway Powersports range not only meets but exceeds the minimum tilt angle, so you can trust it to keep you safe even in the most challenging terrain.

For Hardworking Farm Bikes You Can Trust, Choose Segway Powersports

Whether you’re a hobbyist farmer or running thousands of hectares, our range of farm bikes will help you tackle the day’s tasks with confidence. With nine quad bikes in our ATV range and five models in our UTV range, we’ve got an option for every farmer. Say goodbye to the old, battered two-wheeler and embrace the future of modern farming with a Segway Powersports farm bike.

Explore our range of ATVs and UTVs today and find your perfect farm bike.