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ATV Buyer’s Guide

A farm ATV is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will invest in, and for many farmers becomes their go-to vehicle for getting work done around the property. But what should you look for when buying a new ATV?

A machine that’s powerful enough to get the job done is a no-brainer, but you also need to consider aspects like storage, load capacity, and even the type of terrain you’ll be tackling throughout your day. In this Buyer’s Guide, we’ll take you through the key things to consider when buying a farm ATV and ensure you’ll always be ready to get to work.

Engine Size

The engine size is perhaps the biggest consideration when buying a farm ATV, as it will dictate everything else you do with the bike. Although an ATV with a smaller engine will be lighter and cheaper, it won’t have the necessary grunt to actually get things done.

At Segway Powersports, our farm ATVs have two engine sizes, 499cc and 570cc, producing 39 and 44 horsepower, and generating 44 and 48NM of torque respectively – more than enough power to see you throughout the day.

Towing & Payload Capacity

When looking at a farm ATV, you will generally see two terms that refer to its weight-bearing capacity: payload and towing capacity. Payload refers to the total weight you can have on the ATV itself and includes the rider and any tools or storage, while the towing capacity refers to how much the ATV can tow.

You usually won’t have to worry too much about exceeding the ATV’s payload unless you’re riding with a passenger or loading heavy tools or materials directly onto the bike itself, but it is worth keeping in mind even so.

If you intend to put your quad bike to work, pay close attention to its towing capacity and ensure it can handle the kind of loads you usually haul. At Segway Powersports, our farm ATVs have towing capacities of up to 612kg, allowing you to take on the day’s work with confidence and ease.


Do you prefer to work alone, or are you likely to be riding with a passenger? If so, you will need to make sure that any farm ATV you’re considering has enough room and payload for two people. At Segway Powersports, we have four ATVs in our range that are designed for riding with passengers and are all equipped with twin seats and an enhanced payload capacity: the AT5 L EPS AT5 L Quad Pro AT6 L EPS and AT6 L Full Spec.

Type of Terrain

New Zealand is a land of changing landscapes, and not every ATV will be right for every property. If you live on a land of lush meadows and gently rolling hills, you won’t have to think too much about ground clearance or suspension travel, but if you live on bumpy or rocky terrain, make sure your quad bike has sufficient ground clearance and durable suspension.

Every farm ATV in the Segway Powersports is equipped with A-arm suspension with 180mm of travel in the front and 210mm in the rear, as well as 250mm of ground clearance.

Another aspect to consider is whether you’re making water crossings or riding in dusty terrain, and where your intake is positioned. If your intake is too low, you risk flooding the engine when you travel through creeks or rivers, but equally, you don’t want your engine sucking in loads of dust every time you head out.


It would be a good day indeed when you head out and don’t need to bring your tools with you, but unfortunately, that’s just not likely to happen. Adequate storage is essential on a good farm ATV, and you need to consider whether the quad bike you’re looking at has both space for storage and a sufficient payload to carry any tools or equipment you may require.

Every quad bike in the Segway Powersports range comes equipped with both front and rear storage racks, and we also offer front cargo boxes for the AT6 models, so you can carry even more gear with you.


While a farm ATV is a working vehicle first and foremost, we’d all be lying if we said that looks didn’t play a factor in our decision. Luckily, you’ll never struggle to find a good-looking vehicle at Segway Powersports, as every quad in our farm ATV range features a sleek, modern design, and comes in a range of stylish, farm-ready colours.

The Ultimate Decision

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when it comes to buying a farm ATV, but by working through each aspect of the bike’s design and capabilities, you are sure to find a machine that meets your needs.

Rugged, powerful and designed with your safety in mind, the Segway Powersports range of farm ATVs is built for Aussie farms and Aussie farmers. If you’re in the market for a new farm quad bike, explore our range today and trust Segway Powersports to help you take on your day!